“Gobinda o ekta shalik” by Anjan Dutta

Anjan Dutta, one of my favorite Bangla musicians. He is a gifted all rounder who writes, composes and sings all his works. I’ve been listening to him since high school and still love his music. I admire the simplicity of his lyrics and music. Many of his songs are not only songs to me anymore; they make me nostalgic, remind me about the time I have passed, people I have spent time with and places I have been.

I try to collect all of his tracks. Never heard this one before though. Got the link from my friend. If anyone has any info about this album/track, please let me know. It might be from a Bangla Movie. Anjan also has acted in few movies including Mr. and Mrs. Iyer.


3 Responses to “Gobinda o ekta shalik” by Anjan Dutta

  1. B says:

    Didn’t Anjan Dutta play the Jew who ratted out the old muslim couple? in Mr. Mrs. Iyer?

  2. adnan says:

    e gaan ta ‘onek din por’ album er ekta track, wish u cud find it so easily…..

  3. Shuvo says:

    This is from an album Onek Din por.. Suman & Anjan…btw, Anjan Dutta is one of the most creative moviemakers of our generation.. Acting in M&M Iyer is just a small bit.. His first movie was Mrinal Sens Chalchitro, back in 80’s… Take a stab at his directorial ventures – Chalo lets go is a classic, if you love Kolkata.. I do..

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