Deja Vu [2006] :: Watch it and laugh your ass off :p

Just finished watching Deja-Vu.
First of all, I wanted to watch this movie only because of the title “Deja-Vu” and the main actor Denzel Washington. I thought it would be something like ‘Lake House’ or ‘Vanilla Sky’. I did not expect a time-traveling movie. Few of my friends watched it in the theater. One of them called it a stupid and boring movie. For other twos’ it was an excellent one. So I was a bit confused and decided to see it by myself.

deja vu danzelHere’s how the story goes: Denzel Washington plays Doug Carlin, a federal agent who is called in to recover evidence in the investigation of a New Orleans ferry bombing that killed over 500 people. Doug finds the body of Clarie (one of the victims). By investing her dead body Denzel comes to know that she has died before the bombing. He also finds out that, the bomber has used her car to bomb. During the investigation FBI invites him to use one of their secretly invented devices called ‘Snow White’, which can show past. Eventually using that machine, Denzel travels to past and stops the girl’s death and the bombing.

The concept is great. The story is garbage. All time-traveling movies face this challenge of making it somewhat believable to the viewers. Because it is really hard to make a possible plot out of something impossible. I personally believe time-traveling is not possible unless everything around us is just a dream (like Matrix LOL, all you do is just switch from one dream to another). I mean, how can you travel back in time to stop a ship from exploding, if it never exploded in the first place?

Anyway, I think this movie has too many blank holes. It is hilarious, when Denzel points his laser pointer to the monitor and Clarie sees it from the past. LOL A monitor is nothing but a device that just shows output. It doesn’t take inputs from outside world. Even if it is a specially made two-way monitor, why don’t all other lights from the lab go through? Why only the laser light? If she can see the laser, she should also see the laboratory and all the people watching her.

The stupidest thing is when they try to explain “Snow White” scientifically. “Time is linear; space bends, you can bend space and come back to a certain point of time by using electro magnetic fields (what a crap!!)”. At first they say with snow white you can only view past. Then out of nowhere Denzel suggests sending a note to the past (here Denzel outsmarts the scientists and the computer programmers). So they send a paper to the past. Instead of sending a whole page explaining everything, they send a stupid note with only few words on it. Then within few hours Denzel comes back again and this time he wants them to send him 4 days ago and they successfully do it using the same machine [which is originally designed to only view past, now they have a chamber where 6’3” tall Denzel fits perfectly LOL].

Another stupid idea they have used here is, time-traveling machine has a radius limit and it doesn’t work outside major cities. LOL I guess their time-traveling machine is worse than Google’s Earth software :p

I know I should not bother too much about how believable a sci-fi action movie is. But still, come on, we are not dumbs. If it is only about getting entertained and passing time, why don’t you just remake Tom & Jerry.

Damn! I guess I am just wasting too much of my time by writing stupid reviews for these stupid movies. :(

deja vu cover

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  1. B says:

    C’mon haven’t you seen the movies Back to the future, where Micheal J Fox not only travels to the future even to the past! Though it’s a comedy, but still. There is a charm to time traveling. Then again, wasn’t the purpose of the movie to go back in time and prevent the bombing?! Ok, I don’t know what I am ranting about.. as I haven’t seen the movie myself… :-P

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