Favorite Movies

[Last Updated: November 18th, 2007]

The Shawshank Redemption [1994]:
Hmmf. If you want to watch only one movie in your entire lifetime, watch this one. You won’t regret. There are very few movies that actually make you think differently about your life. This one is one of them. WATCH IT.

The Matrix [1999]:
Sometimes I have this wired feeling: do I really exist? Am I dreaming all these? What’s the purpose of living in this world? Am I being controlled by someone else? :p. In ‘Matrix’, you are living in a simulated world controlled by computers, populated by *fake people*. It describes a future in which the world is actually a simulated reality (Matrix) created by machines. By help of Morpheus, Neo (a computer hacker; Keanu Reeves) wakes up with his real physical body in the real world. Excellent movie. Best sci-fi movie ever.

Pather Panchali [1955]:
First movie of Apu Trilogy. This movie covers the years of Apu’s early childhood. Apu is a poor boy from a rural village in Bengal. He spends his childhood with his elder sister “Durga”. The movie ends in tragedy :( Watch all three of them: this movie, ‘Aparajita’ and ‘The World of Apu’.

The World of Apu [1960]:
This is the last and final movie of the Apu Trilogy. Also known as Apur Shangshar. It focuses on Apu’s adult life. Another wonderful classic from Satyajit Ray. To enjoy this movie, see the first two movies of this trilogy.

The Godfather [1972]:
In my opinion Godfather I and II are two of the best movies ever made. Great story. Not a regular kill’em all type mafia movie.
The Godfather

The Godfather, Part II [1974]:
The Godfather Part 2 is as good as the first. Al Pacino, De Niro. Brilliant movie.
The Godfather 2

2001: A Space Odyssey [1968]:
I really don’t know what to write about this one. This movie was released in 1968, but when you see the special effects, you just won’t believe it. Simply AAAWESOMEEE. It shows how the human civilization started, how it got depended on using tools and how it’s going to end some time around 2001 .. I don’t know. I really didn’t get the story. I went to many sites and read many explanations. Still I don’t know what really the massage was. All I know is, I felt vacant and infinitesimal after watching our endlessly scary universe in front of me. Please watch it.
2001 Space Odyssey

Saving Private Ryan [1998]:
World War II movie. Directed by Steven Speilberg. 8 soldiers risk their lives to save one Private James Ryan. I love war movies and this one is one of the best ones. Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Vin Diesel and many more.
Saving Private Ryan

The Others [2001]:
“Sooner or later, they will find you”. It is not just another typical horror film. It is more likely a psychological suspense thriller. First part of the movie is kinda slow, but keep watching ..at the end the movie turns from ordinary to extra-ordinary.
The Others

Mystic River [2003]:
‘Mystic River’ starts by showing the main 3 characters when they were kids. Later in the film, after many years a huge tragedy happens which leads them back again and then the movie ends with another great tragedy. It is not a feel good movie and it doesn’t have a happy ending. But it tells us, life is long and sometimes we have to take time to figure it out. A must-watch movie. Tim Robbins, Sean Penn.
Mystic River

Schindler’s List [1993]:
This movie is based on the holocaust (approximately 6 million Jews were brutally executed during WWII by Nazis). A businessmen named Oskar Schindler hired 1,100 of them to work in his factories and saved them. Directed by Steven Spielberg. This movie is more than 3 hours long and captured in black and white (except few shots). But it’s worth it.
Scheindler’s List

Gladiator [2000]:
I need not to say anything about this movie. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it! “At my signal, unleash hell”. :p

Armageddon [1998]:
This is the first movie (VHS, not in theater) I watched in USA :p Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler (daughter of Steven Tyler, Aerosmith), Ben Affleck. Plot is totally unbelievable: NASA sends some oil drillers to destroy an asteroid before it strikes Earth :p However, an enjoyable movie. I remember I even cried while watching the end (when Bruce Willis sacrifices his life) :p I guess I was just too young at that time :p Soundtrack includes one of the Aerosmith’s bests: “I don’t wanna miss a thing.”

American History X [1998]:
“Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time. It’s just not worth it”. This movie has a very powerful message and it is shown in a powerful way. It shows, hate is not the right way to solve things; there are goods and bads in every race/person. The first time I watched it, I sat there as it ended, and I was just completely in a state of shock. This is one of those movies everyone needs to see.
American History X

The Sixth Sense [1999]:
This movie is about a child who could see dead people. If you like psychological thrillers, this is a must-watch for you.
The Sixth Sense

Braveheart [1995]:
I first watched this movie back in Dhaka at a theater and I cried :p An outstanding movie directed and acted by Mel Gibson.

Crash [2005]:
This movie has no main character. It is about a group of people from different countries/races, the conflicts and crashes among them and how their lives alter in a short period of time (24 hours). A thought provoking movie.

The Patriot [2000]:
Another Mel Gibson masterpiece (Directed, Acted). It’s much like Braveheart (anti-England plot). Seems like Gibson has something against the British :p Watch it!!
The Patriot

Matchstick Men [2003]:
Great twist at the end. I wouldn’t say it’s a must see. You might like it, you might not. But I surely loved it. Nicolas Cage, Sam Rockwell.
Matchstick Men

Red Dragon [2002]:
Red Dragon is my second favorite film from the Hannibal Lecter trilogy. Idea is same as “The Silence of the Lambs”: catching a serial killer [Tooth Fairy] with another expert serial killer’s [Dr. Hannibal] help. This time Edward Norton performs as the FBI agent. If you liked “Silence of the Lambs”, this is a must see!
Red Dragon

The Silence of the Lambs [2001]:
Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) performs as a brilliant psychiatrist and serial killer. Jodie Foster (a young FBI trainee) is sent to see Dr Lecter for his expert advice on catching another serial killer named Buffalo Bill. This movie is scary, filled with action and suspence. Great endling. If you like this one, you also should watch “Red Dragon”[2002], “ManHunter[1986]”, “Hannibal[2001]” and “Hannibal Rising”[2007].
The Silence of the Lambs

The Butterfly Effect [2004]:
It is the type of movie that you need to see more than once to absorb all the details. If you enjoyed “Memento” or “Sixth Sense”, you will love this one. Don’t even bother watching Butterfly Effect Part 2 (stupid and boring movie).
Butterfly Effect

Bad Santa [2003]:
“I’m an eating shitting drinking fucking Santa”. Crude, Insulting and Funny. I could watch this movie hundred times without getting bored. :p I already have watched it like 10/15 times. If I need a laugh, Bad Santa is what I put on :p
Bad Santa

Dil Chahta Hai [2001]:
Nice movie. It tells a story about three friends who have nothing in common: Amir Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Khanna. Not just another typical cheap hindi romantic movie [no offence to bollywood movie lovers].
Dil Chahta Hai

Black Hawk Down [2001]:
War movie. Based on a true event in Mogadishu (Africa). Excellent sound effects. For the first time in my life, I was actually thinking about buying a movie soundtrack CD :p
Black Hawk Down

Memento [2001]:
This movie goes backward. It starts from the end and finishes at the beginning. :p

Windtalkers [2002]:
One of the best war movies of all time (in my opinion :p). Another excellent Nicholas Cage movie.

Million Dollar Baby [2004]:
The DVD cover wasn’t very impressive for me. Some girl wearing boxing gloves!! :p Wasn’t my type :p Anyway, when I watched it I was totally blown away. An amazing masterpiece from Clint Eastwood. This movie is not about boxing (as I thought at first), it’s about life.
Million Dollar Baby

Snatch [2001]:
One of the best movies I have watched. Fast-action comedy movie and it made me ‘laugh out loud’ several times. Perfect comedy movie. A must watch!!

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels [1999]:
Another fast-action comedy movie from Guy Ritchie (director of Snatch). If you love Snatch, you would love this one also.
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

The Green Mile [1999]:
green mile

Forrest Gump [1994]:
forrestt gump

15 Responses to Favorite Movies

  1. Elusive Man says:

    Impressive. I was thinking about reviewing the movies Ihave watched as well. But I disagree with you on shawshank redemption. It is a fabulous movie, but it is not the movie to watch if you are watching the only movie of your life. That has to be the godfather or the usual suspects. Any ways keep on writing. Btw can I post my movie reviews as well on this site?

  2. ~ishti says:

    Elusive Man, thanks for your comment. I still think, I would want to watch Shawshank Redemption, if I get to watch only one movie in my life. I do agree with you about ‘The Godfather’ and ‘The Usual Suspects’. Both of them are excellent movies. But they are good because of good acting, screenplay, cinematography and story. On the other hand, ‘Shawshank Redemtion’ is not only about good acting or nice storyline. It is neither a typical action thriller with a nice twist at the end nor another prison riot and break-out kind of movie. It leaves an impression on viewers mind (at least, I felt that way). It is the only movie I’ve seen that has made tears of happiness come to my eyes. This movie tells you never to quit and not to lose hope, no matter what happens in your life. It is a story of courage, true friendship, hope and redemption. I believe it’s more than a movie. Anyway, that’s just my opinion. Thanks again.

  3. Badal Sarkar says:

    The said movies are relly increadable-simoly superb.Can you say me the way/website from where i may download the movies freely.As i would like to keep all those movies with me always.

  4. Anonymous says:

    A very good website where most of the movies are avialble (for free) is: http://www.alluc.org
    You have to watch online, few movies will have download option there.
    Some torrents sites are there where you get good quality movies, but time consuming and have to go through the hassle of downloading torrent application.

    Another website I know of is:

    Enjoy watching free movies online :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Two sites where you can watch free online movies:


  6. B says:

    Buira nuton kono movie dekho nai?

  7. ishti says:

    Ekhon ar movie dekha hoy na. Shomoy pai na :(
    Koto movie joma hoye geche!!

  8. B says:

    You should make me write some movie reviews for you!!! :-P

    B’s view of the screen!..

    Yes, I know I have a blog too, but onner bloge lekha aro moja! :-P

  9. Anonymous says:

    A very good website where most of the movies are avialble (for free) is:


  10. Atique says:

    These are my fevs too. great minds think alike(lol)

  11. Koninika says:

    Glad to found someone who feel the the same way I feel abt Shawshank Redemption.

  12. afsos says:

    ishti shaheb apnar photograph tab e pass ask kore…pass den

  13. Nahid says:

    tomar movie list ta khubbi tasteful.

  14. Farhana says:

    i don’t know u. but reading ur reviews just thought of suggesting u to watch few new ones>> lovely bones, the curious case of benjamin button, and 500 days of summer

  15. sumonshimanto says:

    valo legache!
    feel good, not bad!
    accha laga!

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