Sumon, Anila, Fuads new album ‘Ekhon Ami’

December 20, 2007

Sumon [Aurthohin] and Anila’s new album “Ekhon Ami” just came out. There are total 11 tracks in this album. 5 of them are Sumon’s old songs from previous albums. Overall not bad. Since I am crazy about Aurthohin’s music, it is nice to hear remake of their songs by a female voice. Fuad has done an tremendous job with the compositions. I am really liking the saxophone play in the songs. Right now I am not going to comment on the tracks since I haven’t listened to all of them. So far sounds good and I know, more I listen they would just keep getting better. :p

Ekhon Ami

I am attaching two of the songs.

Track: [1] Gaibo Na
Artist: Anila

Track: [2] Ekhon Ami
Artist: Sumon
[Best song of the album. Just ignore the word ‘bitch’ at 3:04 :p]