Hajir Biryani Shomachar

June 1, 2007

[7:30 pm] Friend of mine called and invited me to his place
[7:37 pm] He called Sagor Restaurant [Queens NY] to reserve four orders of Hajir Biryani :p Not sure about the exact time though
[8:45 pm] Met with the guys in front of my friend’s house
[8:52 pm] Mission Hajir Biryani started officially.
[9:20 pm] Reached Sagor Restaurant. Got parking right in front of the Restaurant (lucky us!!)
[9:23 pm] Entered Sagor Restaurant. After waiting 2/3 minutes on line we approached the counter.
[9:27 pm] We ordered bissho bikkhato Hajir Biryani.
[9:47 pm] Four violently pissed guys came out of Sagor Restaurant. One of them expressed his anger by saying “Gu khawa o bhalo chilo er theke. Ei paader biryanir jonno eto kosto korlam!!!”
[4:43 am] I am writing this on my blog
[4:45 am (approx)] I am going to publish this.
[Present Time (Unknown)] Some moron is laughing at me.