Name A ‘Star’

Today I heard this commercial on the radio about registering a star after any name. Anyone who calls some toll free number and pays a small fee will get a star named after him/her or any name he wishes. They will even register it with some copyright organization in U.S. and will send you a certificate of ownership. LOL. No! I am not joking. I googled it and found that there are in fact few companies who are doing this. The cheapest price I could come across is 19.95$. :p

I guess we are done with skirmishing and selling almost everything around and in us. Now we are left with stars, galaxies and black holes to sell and fight for. Just in case if you are interested, you can go to any of the following sites and name a star after you or anyone you like:,,

Or you can sponsor a poor child ( or donate some money for the recent cyclone victims in Bangladesh ( and other disaster effected people all around the world (

Or you can just sit there, do nothing and take your time. I won’t blame you. I understand you have other important things to take care of first.


“There is enough in the world for eveybodys need, but not everybodys greed – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi”

Song: Shokal Belar Khidey
Artist: Anjan Dutta
Album: Kolkata 16

2 Responses to Name A ‘Star’

  1. B says:

    wow.. I am loving it

  2. B says:

    When I was a kid, I thought the most ideal romantic gift would be having someone buying a star for me. But now I wonder, isn’t it a crime? Who owns the stars?! How can they sell something they don’t even own?!

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