A Simple Plan [1998] :: A Simple Movie

“A Simple Plan” is a movie about greed. It shows how normal people change their behaviors and turn themselves into criminals.

Three friends: Hank, his mentally challenged brother Jacob (Billy Bob Thornton) and Luke (Jacob’s friend) from a small rural snowy town have found 4.4 million dollars in cash inside a crashed plane in the woods. They decide not to tell anyone about the money and keep it hidden until next spring. Then the simple plan they have made begins to get more and more complicated. Complication starts with Hank killing a farmer, follows by killing Luke, Luke’s wife, a fake FBI agent and a police deputy Carl and ends with killing his own brother Jacob. At the end, Hank gets to keep the money but learns the serial numbers have been recorded by the feds. So he burns the money.

Bob Thornton’s acting was outstanding. The only thing I didn’t like about this movie is burning 4.4 million dollars. Hank went through all these lying, cheating, killing and at the end he gave up so easily? He could’ve moved to some other country or just waited 5/10 years before spending the money. I guess the filmmakers wanted to give viewers a moral lesson and didn’t want to reward this type of behavior. Anyway, the ending wasn’t very convincing for me. Other than that, wasn’t a bad movie.

This movie reminds me the film Fargo. Both of them have similar plots. Even though Fargo won two Oscars yet I would say this movie has better storyline than Fargo. At least, I personally enjoyed this movie more than Fargo.

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