“Gobinda o ekta shalik” by Anjan Dutta

June 5, 2007

Anjan Dutta, one of my favorite Bangla musicians. He is a gifted all rounder who writes, composes and sings all his works. I’ve been listening to him since high school and still love his music. I admire the simplicity of his lyrics and music. Many of his songs are not only songs to me anymore; they make me nostalgic, remind me about the time I have passed, people I have spent time with and places I have been.

I try to collect all of his tracks. Never heard this one before though. Got the link from my friend. If anyone has any info about this album/track, please let me know. It might be from a Bangla Movie. Anjan also has acted in few movies including Mr. and Mrs. Iyer.


Tumi Chole Esho, Tumi Chole Esho ..Ek Boroshay.

June 1, 2007

Artist: Tutul and Shaon.
Album: Je Thake Akhi Pollobe

“Jodi mon kade.. tumi chole esho, chole esho ..ek boroshay
Esho jhoro jhoro bristi te, jolo bhora dristi te ..esho komolo shemolo chay
Chole esho.. tumi chole esho ..ek boroshay.”

I have reduced quality from 128kbps to 64kbps to reduce file size. If you want the 128kbps version go to banglamp3s.com and click on ‘New Albums’.