U.S. Election 2008

Democrats failings = Affairs and lying about them (Clinton, Mahoney, Spitzer, etc)
Results: At most, a failed marriage and another pissed off individual.

Republicans failings = Misuse of their elected official power (G W Bush, Palin, Stevens, etc)
Results: $300+ billion war, thousands of dead soldiers, oil companies making record profits with $4.00+ gasoline, etc.

Whom would you rather elect?

5 Responses to U.S. Election 2008

  1. Nirjon says:

    Brilliant! Did you come up with the equation yourself? :):):)

  2. ishti says:

    Nah. Found them online.

  3. Nirjon says:

    :) It’s the best pictographic representation of all the candidates in this election! I shared it with a few friends and they all found it incredibly funny! Too bad none of us here get to vote!

    Thanks for finding it!
    Are you voting, BTW?

  4. Rrrrr says:

    ishti bhai, ami bujhte parchi na, apni kon candidate’ke vote diben? :-D :-D :-D

  5. Rrrrr says:

    ishti bhaiiiiiiii…….

    “tomar bhai, amar bhai .. barack bhai barack bhai..!”

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