Irena Sendlerowa (1910-2008), A Polish Heroine

“May 12, 2008, marked the death of a 98-year-old lady named Irena Sendlerowa. She was born in Poland in 1910. During WWII, Irena, a German, received permission from the Nazis to work in the Warsaw ghetto as a plumbing/sewer specialist.

She had an ulterior motive…

Irena knew the Nazis’ plans for the Jews and smuggled infants out in the bottom of the large tool box she carried. Larger children were placed in a burlap sack in the back of her truck. Also in the back was a dog that she had trained to bark each time the Nazi guards allowed her out of the ghetto and back in.

The soldiers, of course, wanted nothing to do with the dog, and its barking covered any noise made by the infants and small children. Irena managed to smuggle out approximately 2,500 children before she was finally caught.

When she was captured, the Nazis beat her severely, breaking both her arms and her legs.

Irena kept a record of the names of all the children she smuggled out of that Warsaw ghetto and kept them in a glass jar buried under a tree in her back yard. After the war, she tried to locate any parents who may have survived so she might reunite the child with its family. Most, of course, did not survive the Holocaust, and the vast majority of the surviving children were placed in foster homes or adopted.

Irena was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, but she lost to Al Gore, who won the award for presenting a slide show on the philosophy behind global warming.”


I salute you, Irena Sendlerowa.

Remarkable person. She deserved the Noble Prize, I agree. I went to few forums, websites and found out that everyone is blaming Al Gore for winning the award. It took 62 years for the world to value this wonder woman and now it’s Al Gore’s fault?

Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project [Link]
Wikipedia: Irena Sendler [Link]
Youtube: Irena Sendler, Life in a Jar [Link]

Era Shukher Lagi Chahe Prem ..Prem Meley Na
[Rabindra Shongeet]
Artist: Sagar Sen

Era shukher lagi chahe prem ..prem meley na
Shudhu shukh chole jay
(E mone mayar chholonay)
Era shukher lagi chahe prem ..prem meley na

Era bhule jay ..kare chhere kare chay
Shukher lagi chahe prem, prem meley na

Tai kede kate nishi ..tai dohe pran
O tai man obhiman, tai eto hay hay ||
Preme shukho dukho bhule tobe shukho pay
Preme shukho dukho bhule tobe shukho pay
Shukher lagi chahe prem, prem meley na

Shokhi cholo
Gelo nishi, shopono furalo ..michey ar keno bolo
Shoshi ghumero kukhoko niye gelo ostacholo
Shokhi cholo ..

Premero kahini gaan ..hoye gelo oboshan
Ekhon keho hashe, keho boshe fele osru-jolo
Shokhi cholo ..

Era shukher lagi chahe prem ..prem meley na
Shudhu shukh chole jay
(E mone mayar chholonay)


13 Responses to Irena Sendlerowa (1910-2008), A Polish Heroine

  1. Rrrr says:

    wow.. ami unar kotha jantam-i na. thanks for posting the article, ishti bhai!

  2. B says:

    There are so many unknown stories about heros and heriones during the world war 2, it’s quite sad many of them are not told widely.

    Hotat ei gaan tomar shunte iche korlo keno?

  3. ishti says:

    This song has nothing to do with Irena Sendlerowa. Ami shayan’er ekta gaan shunchilam, rabindronath/nazrul conflict niye. Shei gaan’e chilo, “era shukher lagi chahe prem, prem mele na”. Shune amar ei gaan shonar shokh holo. Ami duniar hazar website khuje ei gaan ber korechi ebong pray 300 bar shunechi.

    Eto kichu je bollam. Did you really want to know? Naki just proshner khatir’e proshno?

  4. ishti says:


    Shob kichu bariye bariye boli. Ashole hazar website’e jete hoy nai. 5/6 ta website’e giyechi. Aar 300 bar shuni ni. Bish/pochish bar shunechi. Achcha, bish/pochish na, ‘ponero’ theke ‘atharo’ bar shunechi.

  5. Rrrr says:

    shayaner gan shunechen apni????? shayan amar khub priyo ekjoner khub kacher ekjon manush; ar shei shubadae shayan amaro aponjon. unar web address ache apnar kache?

    tar album-er “tajjob bone jai” gaanta amar shobcheye beshi pochonder..!

  6. ishti says:

    Priyo ekzon manusher kacher ekzon manush!! :p

    Ha, web addresse chilo.

    Ha, Shayan er gaan shunechi ebong mugdho hoyechi. Ar ekta gaan ache na, “bondhu amar eto olpe kichu hoy na”, oi gaan taw bhalo.

    “Ekhanei shukh chilo ekdin”, etaw durdanto gaan!

  7. Rrrr says:

    apni amar bakko theke “khub”gulo khule felechen..khub kharap, khup kharap :-P

    prothom alo shayan-er upor feature koreche shedin :

  8. B says:

    Buro, are you bored? Etopok pok korcho je?

  9. B says:

    Buro, blog update koro.. kichu porte iche korche.

  10. Nirjon says:


    Apnar website-e “biday porichita” gaan ta pelam. Goto 8 bochhor dhore khunjchhilam gaan ta. Amar mone hoy khub kom khetre-i onubadito gaam ato chomotkar hoy. Jotobar “Farewell Angelina” shuntam totobar khali mone hoto “Iish, jodi Sumoner gaan ta shunte petam!” Apnake onek dhonyobad! Gaan ebong movie-r khetre apnar ebong amar ruchir onek mil!

    Apnake ke ki arektu birokto korte pari? Apnar kachhe jodi Sumoner ei robindro shongeet ta thake, tahole please post korben. Gaan ta holo “Nayan mele dekhi”. Ei gaan tao aami goto 8 bochho dhore khunjchhi.

    Bhalo thakben:)

  11. ICD says:

    The most beautiful post in this blog!!! thx I learn something new.

  12. Alkarin says:

    Irena Sendler (nee Krzyżanowska) was POLISH!!! Born in Warsaw

  13. ishti says:

    I have changed the title from ‘A German Heroine’ to ‘A Polish Heroine’ :)
    Thanks for letting me know.

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