What have I become, my sweetest friend!

Sometimes I feel like I never write anything positive in my blog. So far all my posts are about disappointments, accidents, disasters and what not. So last time when I posted about ‘Sidr’, I was thinking my next post would be about something good and positive. Unfortunate me, another bad thing has happened today. Bangla band group Dolchut’s Shanjib Chowdhury has passed away due to a brain haemorrhage. (link: DailyNews). I have always loved Dolchut’s music and preferred Shanjib’s compositions over Bappa’s (another lead of Dolchut).

So, what’s up with me!! Have I stopped paying attention towards the good side of life or good things have stopped happening around me?

Anyway, here is a song by country music legend Johnny Cash. He covers Nine Inch Nail’s ‘Hurt’. I believe this was his last official music release.

I hurt myself today to see if I still feel. I focus on the pain the only thing that’s real. The needle tears a hole, the old familiar sting. Try to kill it all away, but I remember everything.
What have I become, my sweetest friend. Everyone I know goes away, in the end. And you could have it all, my empire of dirt. I will let you down, I will make you hurt.
I wear this crown of thorns upon my liar’s chair. Full of broken thoughts I cannot repair. Beneath the stains of time the feelings disappear. You are someone else I am still right here.
If I could start again, A million miles away
I would keep myself, I would find a way.

[Source: AzLyrics.com]

One Response to What have I become, my sweetest friend!

  1. B says:

    There are times when all the bad news comes at one go, like a massive hurricane… But then people tend to share the bad news more then the good news, just to lighten their hearts.

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