Dim Shongeet

These are two songs [i don’t know why the heck i am calling them songs] I composed almost a year ago. I don’t wanna call them parody songs, cause I wrote them while I was thinking about the love of my life: ‘dim’, to express my great affection towards it :p Yes! both of these songs [or, should I say skits!] are about eggs. Since childhood I have liked and adored eating eggs. :p I still remember me and my brother watching cartoons on tv and eating boiled eggs when we were kids. Though I don’t eat as much eggs as I used to, [too much cholesterol in egg yolks. I want to live 101 years :p] I still feel that great love deep down in my heart. :p

I didn’t sit down to write and sing them purposely. One time I downloaded a software that could remove the vocal from an audio track. So just to see how did it work, i recorded the first dim song removing the original vocal. The second one is just g1bBeRi$h. I was playing my guitar and was singing ‘ja ichha tai’. [i am not that good with guitar either].

Enough of the story. I know you will be thanking God for having a pause/stop button. :p


Song 1: Download

Song 2: Download

One Response to Dim Shongeet

  1. luna says:

    hahahahahahahah! i didn’t know you play guitar! love the lyrics as always

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