Apocalypto :: “When the end comes, not everyone is ready to go.”

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Just finished watching ‘Apocalypto’ directed by Mel Gibson. I heard about Maya civilization since I was a kid. Didn’t know much about them though. I really had no clue that they were such a bloodthirsty civilization. I knew they had knowledge of medicine, science, archeology and engineering but didn’t know about their brutal side. After watching this movie I am sure whatever they were, they weren’t civilized at all :p

BTW, this movie is not in English. It’s in Mayan language with English subtitle. The story started with a series of scenes from a tribal village. One morning the tribal hunters were captured by Maya warriors and were taken to be sacrificed. One of them named “Jaguar Paw”[hero/main character] escaped to rescue his pregnant wife (she looks like Hindu Goddess ‘Ma Durga’ :p) and son back in the forest where they lived. So the movie was not bad. It wasn’t only about people killing people. It was also about love, faith and hope. Jaguar Paw came back to get his family and moved back to nature.

However, to be honest, I guess I expected too much from this movie. :p and after watching it I am just somewhat satisfied. All three movies directed by Mel Gibson (BraveHeart, Patriot, Passion of Christ) were outstanding. For this one, I am not that confident. Few of the shots looked so unreal. I felt like I was watching the special features [deleted scenes, making of the movie: stuff like that] of the DVD. It didn’t look like it was in the movie. Especially, when “Jaguar Paw” ran through the jungle. I don’t know. Something was missing or may it was just too real and tricked my dumb mind: p. Also there was a scene with the Snake bite and the quote was “He’s Fucked”. I am sure the word “Fuck” wasn’t around then. :p

Anyway, If you want to watch it, go ahead. It’s a nice epic action movie. But I don’t think I would watch it again.

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