Now-a-days everyone has a blog. I never planned to have one. Few days back I opened an account at blogger.com and posted few video links from youtube.com. That’s it.
Now here I am again to start another blog :p I dont think I will go much further with this blog thingy. Most of the times I start something with great utshaho and eventually within 2/3 days I lose interest. :p (Oh! I am going write here in both Bangla and English. So if you dont understand Bangla, don’t blame me)
I guess that’s enough for the introduction. Let’s just hope this won’t be my first and last post. :p

Staind :: Outside
I will never ever get tired of this song. Awesome song. Awesome lyric. Awesome video!! (I don’t understand one part though. Why didn’t the guy just make a hole in the wall with that shovel instead of gathering all those rocks!!)

“i am on the outside ..i’m looking in
i can see through you.. see your true colors
inside you’re ugly.. ugly like me
i can see through you ..see the real you!!”

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